SOLARIA acronym for “Sole” and “Aria”, is a highly innovative project in the field of renewable energies, result of European collaboration covered by patent. The main innovation concerns the recovery, the production and processing of thermal energy into electric energy with high energy efficiency in absence of internal combustion and therefore, of emissions.
  • Recovery from thermal waste, starting from temperatures of 80 ° C, in each industrial sector, from the fumes, hot water and air, in addition to the production of thermal energy from biogas and biomass.
  • Production of thermal energy from solar collectors at low temperature(ca. 230 ° C), with accumulation of heat (totally ecological and therefore easily degradable and recyclable material from the environment), using an innovative system able to maintain a constant operating temperature for a period of about 20 hours, so that the system can operate continuously within 24 hours.
The core of the system consists of a rotary machine, supplied by external energy and characterized by high moment of inertia. It combines mechanical work (kinetic energy) and thermodynamic (compression and expansion) and can provide power to a transmission shaft connected to a generator of electrical energy. The propulsion is ensured by a working fluid highly heat-sensitive, which evaporates at a temperature of about 35 ° C, passing in gaseous phase to be overheated to a temperature of 135 ° C, reaching the operating pressure ideal of 20 bar, a guarantee of high economic and energy convenience. It has been demonstrated the functionality and sustainability of an experimental prototype capable of delivering a power output of 5 kW therefore, as a result of the energy situation and of national programs of transformation toward forms of renewable energy aimed at improving ecological of our habit environment, it was decided to undertake a path to industrialize and market the system.

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